About company

Innovative Geotechnical Solutions

InGEO2 is a specialist geotechnical consulting company based in Delft. It provides innovative geotechnical solutions to a range of clients in the public and private sectors. The company principals each have more than 25 years’ experience and the company offers a unique value proposition to clients by implementing the latest research and development from the field of geotechnics into engineering practice. Services include:

Offshore Renewables
Offshore renewables tap into waves, wind, and tides for clean energy production.
Assessment and design of new and existing deep-sea quay walls
Expert evaluations and designs for maritime infrastructure stability.
Optimisastion of new and existing foundation systems
Enhancing structural foundations through innovative techniques.
Risk-based assessment of infrastructure
Strategic evaluations to manage and mitigate infrastructure risks.
Site characterization
Comprehensive analysis of ground conditions for informed decision-making.
Ground improvements
Tailored solutions to enhance soil properties and support structures.
Liquefaction assessments
Detailed studies to prevent and mitigate the effects of soil liquefaction on infrastructure.